[Kevin Mok] # _



  • Bash, C, CSS, C++, Fish (shell), Godot, HTML5, Python, Java, Javascript (ES6), Sass


  • Bootstrap, Django, Node.js, PostgreSQL


  • DigitalOcean, Linux, Heroku, REST/Web API's


  • Arch Linux, Android Studio, Debian, Command Line, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Pycharm, NGINX, npm/yarn, SFTP, SSH, Vim


June 2018 — July 2018
  • Implemented base functionality of scanning tracks and listening history from user's library using Spotify API and organized data into PostgreSQL database with Django backend.
  • Created and tested various relational database schemas to maximize efficiency for use cases.
  • Produced bubble chart and (stacked) bar chart using [d3] d3 graph examples to visualize the artists, genres and features of tracks in library.
Feb. 2019 — Apr. 2019
  • Proof of concept for web app that finds the ideal supermarket based on your cart.
  • Designed responsive front-end layout using Bootstrap.
  • Implemented REST API functionality on backend using Node.js and MongoDB.
  • Setup deployment on Heroku.
  • Led team of 4 as project leader to prioritize and delegate tasks while also implementing a majority of the core features.
  • Performed code review for team members’ pull requests.
Feb. 2018
  • Android app that reads ingredient labels and detects any dietary restrictions/allergies.
  • Designed user interface and linked various functionality together.
  • Made during a 24-hour food-themed hackathon in a group with two other members. Came in 2nd place and won an Oculus Rift.
March 2018
  • Use reddit API wrapper in Python to scan music subreddits for user comments containing common track listing formats.
  • Match detected track name and artists to track on SoundCloud using another Python API wrapper.
  • Respond to original poster's comment with formatted list of tracks found.
  • Received positive comment from users who replied to the bot's posts.
Aug. 2019 — present
  • Deployed various web apps with backends such as Node, PHP and Python using NGINX on a Debian server.
  • Monitor system resources and perform system maintenance using tmux.
  • Wrote Node.js script and systemd service/timer to check and display the uptime of my pages every hour.
May 2019
  • Designed clone of Super Mario Bros 1-1, but Mario is mobility-impaired and uses ramps to get through the level.
  • Uses OpenCV to track player's head movement which is then translated to in-game movement. Video Demo
  • Implemented in Godot, an open-source game engine.
  • Made during a 24-hour accessibility-themed hackathon.

Work Experience

Philpott Children's Tennis

2013 — 2015
Head Instructor
  • Ran 8-week summer camp for inner-city youth with assistant coach.
  • Prepared daily lesson plans for 4 different age groups of children with varying skill levels and needs.
  • Supervised and ensured the safety and enjoyment of up to 20 children at once.


University of Toronto

2017 — 2021
Computer Science Specialist